The latest key statistics are highlighted in the infographics below and show just how vital small business and family enterprises contribution is to the Australian economy.

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97.5pc of Australian businesses are small businesses

Industries with the highest number of people employed by small businesses in June 2021

Over 5 million people were employed by small businesses in 2020-21

Small business accounts for 82% of private sector employment in Agriculture, forestry, and fishing services

There were 2.5 million small businesses operating in 2021-22.jpg

Small business contributed 33% (or $438,359 million) to Australia’s total Gross Domestic Product in 2020-21

Small Businesses employ 42% of the private sector workforce

Small businesses grew by 7% in the year to June 2022

The largest contributions by small business to Gross Domestic Product in dollars (in 2020-21)


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