Australia is a nation of small businesses and family enterprises. It’s a dynamic and exciting sector that allows people with an entrepreneurial spirit to pursue their dreams.

One of the fastest growing in the economy, the sector presents many opportunities for those who dedicate themselves to pursuing a small business venture.

ASBFEO understands the challenges facing small and family business and provides advice and research to improve policies, access to dispute resolution services and mental health support should the need arise.

ASBFEO's mission is to help ensure Australia is the best place to start, grow and transform a small business and family enterprise. We celebrate the vital and deeply personal contribution made by the more than 2.5 million small and family businesses to Australia’s prosperity, wellbeing, and community.

The ASBFEO was launched 11 March 2016 and has two key functions: to assist and to advocate for small businesses and family enterprises.

Our Assistance team responds to requests for assistance from small businesses and family enterprises that are in dispute with other businesses or Commonwealth Government agencies. We provide:

  • information about dispute resolution options
  • access to mediation
  • alternative dispute resolution processes under the Franchising, Horticulture, Dairy and Oil Codes of Conduct
  • assistance with disputes with the ATO.

Our Advocacy Team undertakes a number of different activities to advocate for small businesses and family enterprises, including:

  • provide advice and insights to policy and decision makers
  • conduct research
  • deliver inquiries
  • comment on legislation
  • provide advice to Ministers
  • outreach and engagement activities.
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