This data includes the numbers, industries and demographics of Australia’s small business apprentices and trainees and illustrates the diversity of this part of the small business workforce.

Please note that the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) defines small businesses as those with less than 20 employees for this data

Scope of these statistics

To ensure ASBFEO statistics are as accurate as possible the scope used for these statistics has altered from our previous publications. As a result of this difference in scope, we previously published higher estimates of apprentices and trainees that are not comparable with this data.

These statistics provide information on employees who are in-training at the end of the reporting period. In-training includes apprentices and trainees who are actively training under the terms of their contracts. Our previous publications included all apprentices and trainees, irrespective of the status of their training contract. These numbers were considerably higher, as they included apprentices and trainees whose training:

  • had been completed or cancelled, or
  • contracts were expired, due to incomplete prescribed program requirements at a given point in time.

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