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ABC Brisbane Mornings – Interview with Steve Austin

20 April 2017

Subject: Banking Inquiries and implementation of recommendations

Kate Carnell: When we undertook our Inquiry it was 17 (inquiries into banking) and since then there has been our Inquiry, one by Steve Sedgwick into payment approaches and bonuses  and so on in the banks and also Phil Koury’s Inquiry into the Banking Code of Conduct.

So since the 17 there have been another three. So you can see there are lots and lots of inquiries with very similar recommendations and so far very, very little action.

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ABC AM - Interview with Sabra Lane

12 April 2017

SABRA LANE: For years, small business operators have complained about big businesses starving them of cash by stringing out payments to them.

This morning, the Federal Small Business Ombudsman agrees it is a major problem.

Kate Carnell is now urging the Federal Government to legislate to force big businesses to pay small business suppliers within 30 days.

And she wants Governments to lead by example, setting an even tighter deadline - 15 days.

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Would you like more information on unfair contract terms?

A new law is now in place to help better protect small businesses from unfair terms in ‘Standard Form Contracts’.

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Case studies

Revival of a silver screen icon

Making your passion your profession

David Kilderry’s love of cinema began when his parents built a second story on their house in Reservoir, Victoria; from David’s new bedroom window, he could see the Coburg Drive-In screen.

“It was a little way away, but I could see it and I fell in love with drive-ins then and there,” David recalled.

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From little things…

The evolution of a product

Working hard to make ends meet as a young single mum, Loo Taylor decided to start selling her home-made terry towelling cushions at the Fremantle markets near Perth.

Cushions weren’t her only area of expertise though; Loo also made hair clips.

“I had long hair at the time, and after I cut it all off, I started making clips with flowers on them to wear,” Loo explained.

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Vines, wines and not enough time!

A mutual interest

It was a love of fine wines that inspired one Canberra couple to start their own small business.

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