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21 Feb 2019 Videos

How can we keep big business and government entities honest about their payment terms and times to small business operators?

Former Ombudsman…

19 Feb 2019 Videos
Small Business Hub logo

Here is your handy guide to booking in to the Small Business Hub in under 2 minutes! 

12 Feb 2019 Videos
Ombudsman Kate Carnell

Former Ombudsman Kate Carnell discusses other ways the small business sector might be impacted following the release of the final report from the Banking Royal Commission.

07 Feb 2019 Videos
Ombudsman Kate Carnell

The final report of the Banking Royal Commission is now available. So what does this mean for small businesses dealing with banks and other financial institutions?

15 Jan 2019 Videos
Ombudsman Kate Carnell

Former Ombudsman Kate Carnell says now is the best time for small business owners to get in touch with local politicians or our office and tell us what improvements you would like to see in the small business space.

13 Nov 2018 Videos

If you are a small or family business owner, we want to hear from you about the payment times in your contracts.

07 Nov 2018 Videos

Former Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell explains how e-invoicing can improve cash flow for small businesses. 

26 Oct 2018 Videos

Former Ombudsman Kate Carnell talks about broadband connections, the NBN and how to make it work for you. 

17 Oct 2018 Videos
Business 101 - Illegal phoenix tile

Our Deputy Ombudsman Dr Craig Latham and Case Manager Liz Toussaint explain what illegal phoenixing is, how it is affecting businesses, and the warning signs of a company engaging in illegal phoenixing activities. 

11 Oct 2018 Videos
DSC00166 - final

If you’re able to take a proactive approach to caring for your own, or your employee’s mental health, you’ll be making a significant investment in the success of your small or family owned business.