09 Dec 2019
ECLIPS team at the the ACT Export Awards
In 2007, Canberra businessmen Shaun Moore and Bruce Power were well placed to identify a gap in the defence market.
30 Oct 2019
Danny, Renee and Narciso Lenzarini, Golden Ravioli

It all started with four brothers, a love affair with fresh and authentic pasta, and a determination to succeed.

That was over 55 years ago.

01 Oct 2019
Danielle Clayton, Salt Gypsy
Danielle Clayton was working on a surf charter boat in the Maldives in 2012 when her women’s surf leggings business Salt Gypsy came to life.
26 Aug 2019
Karen Lebsanft

When is a biscuit not a biscuit? When it’s lavosh!

16 Jul 2019
Daphne Crowhurst, Crowies Paints
Daphne Crowhurst knows paint. She also knows how to transform a stagnant family-run business into a successful franchise.
05 Jun 2019
April Armstrong, Business for Doctors
As a nine-year old, April Armstrong often destroyed gardens by ripping the stems and branches off plants and claiming it was for a business she was starting.
06 May 2019
Gus Fares, Gus Fares Architects
As a teenager Gus Fares would spend hours drawing the many buildings he loved before they were destroyed by bombings.
09 Apr 2019
L-R: Jan Maybir, Elizabeth Cattoen, Melisa Prieto, Zoe Vayanos & Maria Xynias from Ladies Running Errands

When a serious foot injury brought Maria Xynias’ life to a halt as she knew it, she had plenty of family members around to help.

13 Mar 2019
Will Davies, Car Next Door

One day Will Davies walked a long way, past hundreds of parked cars, to pick up a car from a car rental company.

12 Feb 2019
Jess and Becca Stern, Mustard
The idea started with a walk by the ocean for two sisters who usually live on opposite sides of the world.