22 June 2022

In seasonally adjusted terms, job advertisements increased by 0.9% (or 2,800 job advertisements) in May 2022 to stand at 298,400. The level of recruitment activity nationally remains significantly elevated compared to pre-COVID-19 levels, up by 77.3% (or 130,100 job advertisements). 

Detailed Internet Vacancy Index key points – Seasonally Adjusted Series 

•    Job advertisements rose by 0.9% (or 2,800) in May 2022 to stand at 298,400.
•    Recruitment activity increased across all states and territories in May, with the strongest growth observed in Tasmania (up by 11.5% or 430), followed by Western Australia (3.8% or 1,300), South Australia (1.0% or 150) and the Northern Territory (0.6% or 20).
•    Skill Level 1 occupations (commensurate with Bachelor degree or higher) recorded a particularly strong increase in job advertisements in May 2022, up by 3.1% (or 3,100 job advertisements). Job ads for Skill Level 2 occupations (commensurate with Advanced Diploma or Diploma), up by 0.6% (or 200 job advertisements), and Skill Level 3 occupations (commensurate with Certificate IV or III), up by 0.3% (or 130 job advertisements), also increased over the month.
•    Job advertisements increased in 32 of the 48 detailed occupational groups during May 2022. Medical Practitioners and Nurses recorded the largest increase over the month (up by 710 job advertisements or 6.2%), followed by Carers and Aides (610 or 4.4%) and Legal, Social and Welfare Professionals (410 or 5.0%). Following a large increase in the previous month of 10.0% (or 1,100 job advertisements), Hospitality Workers recorded the largest decrease in May 2022 (down by 850 job advertisements or 6.7%).
•    The majority of recruitment activity (75.0%) remains concentrated in capital cities despite job advertisement growth in regional areas (of 101.5% compared to pre-COVID levels) outpacing capital cities (67.0% compared to pre-COVID levels).

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