19 March 2021

Stressed small business owners can now connect to a new, tailored mental health support service by visiting My Business Health.

The New Access for Small Business Owners program, delivered by leading mental health organisation Beyond Blue, is now operational and fully integrated into the redeveloped My Business Health web portal.

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bruce Billson says it’s important for small business owners to consider their mental health and to reach out if they are not coping.

“Small business owners have endured a lot over the past 12 months, particularly those hardest hit by the COVID crisis,” Mr Billson says.

“Help is available to small business owners who need it. My Business Health is an excellent support tool for small business owners and it now links to Beyond Blue’s New Access for Small Business Owners program.

“New Access for Small Business Owners offers free one-on-one telehealth sessions with specially trained mental health coaches providing evidence-based advice on strategies for managing stress.

“Crucially, the New Access for Small Business Owners program is provided by coaches that have experience in small business. Being able to talk to someone who understands the mental load of running a small business will make a real difference.

“We know the small business community bore the brunt of the pandemic and that has understandably taken a toll. Small business owners who look after their mental health, can also help their business.

“A recent Federal Government survey of one thousand small business owners revealed one in three were diagnosed with either stress, anxiety or depression.

“Financial concerns were understandably the biggest contributor to their stress, according to the research.

“Small business loans are often secured against the family home, so if they lose their business they could lose their home. The stakes are incredibly high."

Beyond Blue’s New Access for Small Business Owners program is now taking registrations here.