The Office of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) assists small businesses to resolve disputes.

The Small Business Concierge Service (Concierge Service) helps small businesses decide if an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for review of an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) decision is an appropriate pathway to resolution.

The Concierge Service will guide and support the small business through the AAT process.

The Small Business Concierge Service process

Our Assistance Team comprises small business specialists and case managers who respond to requests for assistance from small business taxpayers who have received a negative decision from the ATO.

The small business specialists and case managers will provide:

  • information on the AAT procedures for reviewing a decision
  • access to legal advice before and after an application is lodged with the AAT
  • access to support including a reduced AAT application fee and fast tracked processing
  • ongoing support and assistance until a decision is reached.

Legal Assistance

The Concierge Service will provide access to a one hour consultation with an experienced small business tax lawyer for unrepresented small business taxpayers, to review the facts and provide advice on the viability of the appeal. The ASBFEO case manager will help the small business to compile the relevant documents to maximise the benefit of the one hour legal consultation. A co-payment of $100 is required from the small business taxpayer at the time of the consultation and the balance of the cost will be paid by the ASBFEO.

If the small business taxpayer wants to lodge an Application for Review of the ATO decision with the AAT following the legal consultation, the ASBFEO case manager will help with the application and any other relevant forms or submissions. The ASBFEO cannot give tax or legal advice to the small business taxpayer; we are here to assist and support the appeal process.

After lodging the Application for Review with the AAT, the small business taxpayer may benefit from a second hour of advice from an experienced small business tax lawyer. The cost for the second consultation will be paid by the ASBFEO. The second consultation may be taken at any time after the appeal has been lodged.

For further information call 1300 650 460 or email