Refund for damaged goods

Our Assistance Team was contacted by a business about damaged concrete candle pots received from another business.

When the business received the $700 order, some of the pots were damaged, but she was unable to get a replacement or refund for the damaged goods. 

When our Assistance Team contacted the seller, they immediately provided a refund for the damaged pots. 

The small business owner said: “I want to thank you for helping me out so quickly, I was amazed at how quickly things worked out - this has been going on for a long time. Thank you for being so helpful and for enabling me to get what was rightfully mine.”

Refund received from material supplier

A small business purchased material for leotards for a gym team. The outfits all became worn out after the first couple of wears.

The small business owner wasn’t able to reach a resolution with the material supplier.

Our Assistance Team contacted the supplier and they offered a refund of $2,211 once the outfits were returned.