Payment plan enables outstanding payment to be made

A small business owner had an ongoing payment dispute with another business, which lasted over six months. The other business had undergone a restructure and was unable to commit to pay.

Our Assistance Team was able to arrange a payment plan over a four week period to have the outstanding $8,500 paid.

The small business owner was pleased with the offer of payment plan, describing it as “bloody brilliant”.

Outstanding payment settled

Our Assistance Team was contacted by an ice cream supplier who supplied just over $5,000 of ice cream to another business. The supplier had been chasing payment for over a year.

Following the involvement of our Assistance Team, the business owing the money agreed to pay it back in two instalments.

Sole trader received outstanding payment

A sole trader contacted our Assistance Team about an outstanding payment of $1,875 from a development company. Our Assistance Team contacted the developer and the company agreed to make the payment.

Outstanding invoice waived

A small business owner lodged a dispute with a company about a three month social media campaign contract.

At the end of the contract period, the contract auto-renewed, leaving him with an outstanding invoice for $786 for a fourth month he did not agree to.

The small business owner found it very difficult to contact the company directly to resolve the issue as all communication was through offshore call centres, and none of the emails had contact names or phone numbers attached.

Each time the small business owner contacted the company, he would have to explain his issue over again as previous conversations were not recorded.

After disputing the invoice for eight months and continually receiving invoice and debt collection notices, the small business owner turned to our Assistance Team for help.

Our Assistance Team contacted the company and they agreed to waive the outstanding invoice.

The small business owner said: “A sincere thank you to the Small Business Ombudsman for the time and effort taken to help our business.”

Commission payments made

Our Assistance Team received a request for assistance from a business regarding their contract with another business.

The complainant advised they were not receiving commission payments owing under the contract in place between the parties.

The complainant had been denied payment due to an issue around incorrect paperwork and docket sales.

On review of the contract, the Assistance Team was able to identify that the contract between the parties only allowed for payments to be deferred, and did not stipulate that payments could be withheld due to administrative issues.

The Assistance Team wrote to the business to seek feedback. Although the business did not respond directly, it began making payments as per the contract.

The complainant was thankful for the assistance.

Clothing company paid

A small business owner who ran a clothing company overseas was underpaid around AUD $7,000 by an Australian-based business.

Following involvement by our Assistance Team, the company started to make the payments, the first being roughly AUD $500.

The small business owner thanked our Assistance Team for their involvement.

Contractor receives outstanding payments

A contractor working through a recruitment agency was owed $29,000 in outstanding invoices from a government department.

The contractor contacted our Assistance Team who was able to help the parties resolve the issue with the contractor receiving the full amount owing to him.

Government decision overturned

A small business reached out to our Assistance Team after a decision by a government department affected how this business could engage contractors.

Our Assistance Team contacted the government department which agreed to overturn the decision.

The director of the business says “Now we can continue to contract to these contractors, which is a big relief to them and us - especially during this time of year before Christmas and all the big end of year household bills. We’re very thankful for your input ASBFEO!”

Letter of demand results in payment of outstanding invoice

A small business owner contacted our Assistance Team about outstanding invoices for services provided.

Our Assistance Team advised the small business owner to write a letter of demand, in the first instance.

The letter enabled him to retrieve most of the money owing to him. Our Assistance Team then contacted the other party about a further $6,500 and the small business owner was paid the amount.

The small business owner was grateful for our help: “I can’t stop thinking about all the money I have given up on over the years because companies just won’t pay. You don’t know what this means to me, thank God for you guys.”

Letter of demand results in return of deposit

A small business owner paid a $20,000 deposit for a ute. After a series of unfortunate events, the small business owner requested the deposit back from the dealership, but they said they had used the money.

Our Assistance Team helped the small business owner write a letter of demand, which resulted in him receiving his deposit back.

Writing a letter of demand is a critical step in the dispute process and can produce results quickly and efficiently.