Full refund received for unwanted advertising

A small business owner had an advertising app on his phone that had not been active for over a year.

When the small business owner bought a new phone, the advertising account was inadvertently activated, and he received a bill for over $1,000 for the month.

He deactivated the account, but again received another bill for nearly $2,000.

The small business owner contacted the advertising company a number of times to attempt to resolve the issue but was unsuccessful.

Our Assistance Team contacted the company about the issue and the small business owner received a full refund for the charges.

The small business owner was very grateful for our assistance saying, ‘That is fantastic news! I can’t thank you enough for working on our behalf for this resolution. We would never have been able to get anywhere without your help. Thank you so much.’

Website updated to avoid confusion

Our Assistance Team received a request for help from a small business owner whose business is based inside a hospital.

The small business owner advised our Assistance Team that he believed another business of the same nature was misleading customers, as wording on their website suggested their business was located at the hospital. As a result, the small business owner felt that consumers often mistook the other business for his business.

The small business owner attempted to resolve this matter directly with the other business, but was unable to get in contact with them.

Our Assistance Team contacted the other business, who made immediate changes to their website to make it clearer that their business is not physically located in the hospital.

Subcontractor able to get on with her business

Our Assistance Team was contacted by a medical professional who works as a subcontractor. 

When she left her former practice, her name and details were not removed from the website and signage.  This meant that patients were having trouble finding her at her new practice and were being directed to her former practice which she had left more than 12 months prior.

The subcontractor tried for seven months to get the former practice to update the details. 

Our Assistance team contacted the former practice and the website has now been updated and the signage is being replaced.

Resolution reached with printing company

A small business owner contacted our Assistance Team about a range of issues with a printing company. Following our involvement, the printing company agreed to work through the issues directly with the small business owner.

The printing company contacted our Assistance Team recently as they were unable to negotiate a settlement with the small business and were seeking advice on next steps.

Our Assistance Team encouraged both parties to try again to work it out instead of resorting to mediation.

After multiple phone calls with the parties, they agreed to share the remaining value of the dispute ($2,000 each), rather than attending mediation.

The parties also agreed on a way forward to keep their relationship amicable. The printing company will appoint a case manager to ensure lines of communication are always clear with the small business owner.

The small business owner was grateful for the help: “We would like to say thank you. Without your intervention we wouldn’t have been able to end the dispute in this win-win situation.”

Online directory listing and outstanding invoice cancelled

A small business owner contacted our Assistance Team after being cold-called by an online directory company.

The small business owner agreed to the listing as he thought he was renewing a Telstra listing, and was invoiced $1,095. When he received the invoice, he realised his mistake and attempted to cancel the listing. 

Our Assistance Team helped the small business owner to cancel both his listing and outstanding invoice, and be added to their ‘do not contact’ list.

The online directory company agreed to consider recording calls to verify agreements, in order to avoid disputes such as this in the future.