Successful negotiation with leasing agent

Our Assistance Team received a request for help from a small business owner running a food outlet in a shopping centre.

He had been significantly affected by the landlord’s decision to position a national franchise selling similar products immediately next to his business.

As a result, his sales fell significantly and he found his shop was no longer viable.

In addition, he had extra cleaning charges under his lease that he believed to be unfair.

Following our intervention, the leasing agent contacted the small business owner and negotiated a lower rent and waived the additional cleaning charge.

Shopping centre agrees to pay fit-out cost

A small business signed a commercial lease and fit-out deed with a shopping centre.

When the small business owner submitted an invoice for the $70,000 fit out cost to the shopping centre, the centre advised it would no longer pay that amount, instead offering $40,000.

Our Assistance Team contacted centre management at the shopping centre and it agreed to pay the $70,000, which enabled the small business owner to pay the sub-contractors she engaged to complete the fit-out.