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State Small Business Commissioners

New South Wales Small Business Commissioner


Victorian Small Business Commissioner


Western Australia Small Business Commissioner


South Australian Small Business Commissioner


Relevant Commonwealth Departments


Produced survey of Australian Government Payments to small business which measured the payment performance of Government agencies. The last survey was published on 9 January 2015.


Department of Finance

Responsible for the Pay on time policy which requires certain Commonwealth Government entities to agree to payment terms of no later than 30 days


Relevant State and Territory Government departments

New South Wales

NSW Department of Industry



Department of Business and Innovation



Department of Employment, Economic Developement and Innovaton


Western Australia 

Small Business Development Corporation


South Australia

Department for Manufacturing, Innocations, Trade, Resouces and Energy



Deaprtment of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts


Northern Territory

Department of Business and Employment


Australian Capital Territory

ACT Economic Development Directorate